Firefox image rendering problem

The imagerendering attribute provides a hint to the browser about how to make speed vs. quality tradeoffs as it performs image processing. As a presentation attribute, it also can be used as a property directly inside a CSS stylesheet, see css imagerendering for further information Firefox should just do an update and make this the default setting, because a lot of people are having this problem And Firefox runs a lot faster with the two settings in place I did the first two, and it seemed to fix the problem, but I would hate to leave info on the site to do this for Firefox users most People don't like going deep to adjust I have posted the same question over at askubuntu.

com, and got no resolution, but I did post the image of the rendering issue. Link below: Image of the rendering issue I am using 64 bit version of Ubuntu 11. 04, under Ubuntu Jun 26, 2011 Re: png rendering problem in Safari and Firefox Ben M Jun 24, 2011 6: 22 AM ( in response to GordonEddey ) Please post a link to the page in question.

I note that Firefox (version 3. 0 and up) will not render images in the same way or not at all depending on one or more Firefox image rendering problem 1) the html css code used 2) the aspect ratios of monitors 3) the video card families 4) the computer brand. High Resolution Image IE Browser Rendering. The images look great on Chrome, Firefox, and most importantly on the new iPad.

The problem comes in when I open the page in IE. It displays the image at the correct size but it's jagged. See link to comparison below. Aug 15, 2011  We'll have to scratch this problem report. It was apparently related to Firefox image rendering problem AP div and some layout issues I corrected. Unfortunately, I didn't think to save the original sources before I made the changes, and I Problems rendering images in ChromeFirefoxSafari. Ask Question. When I save the problem images locally, they retain their distorted quality.

At first, I thought it might be a graphics card issue but graphics in games seem to be fine (I checked WoW, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Bad Company2, MW2).

Is it possible to get Safari Dec 29, 2011 Hello, I have an Image Button that renders correctly in IE Explorer, But when using Firefox or Google Chrome the image button renders to a completely way too larger SIZE! ! ! It almost fills the enti My website works correctly in IE9, Safari, Opera and Chrome but Firefox doesn't render my Contacts page correctly.

The contact form position is wrong and the navigation does not work for the Color Rendering Difference: Firefox vs. Safari By Chris Coyier On February 28, 2008 CSSTricks reader Norm writes in to ask me about a problem he is having with color on a new site he is designing: The imagerendering CSS property indicates the algorithm to use when scaling images.

When applied to an element, the property applies to the element itself, to any images supplied in its other properties, and to its descendant elements. Problem with images and Chrome, Firefox, IE. Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite. I have a Joomla website and I observe a problem with some images. In Chrome images look really good and sharp but in Firefox and IE the images are not that sharp and the colors are a bit strange.

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