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Mar 19, 2009 How to Etch Aluminum Panel Labelsdesigns With a Reusable Acid Mix. By sineSurfer in Workshop Metalworking. 291, 060. 427. 113. Now that the pnp blue is ready to transfer, we need to prepare the aluminum panel, so: As you can see on image# 4, I used the pnpblue plastic left over to cover the back of the panel, PressnPeel Blue Transfer Film. Best Seller. 11 Reviews Avg Rating: 8 10.

This press and peel transfer paper is the easy way to create detailed masks for anodizing or acid metal etching. Use a laser printer or copier to print onto the dull (emulsion) side.

Transfer the image to metal with an iron. Includes an 8. 5x11" PressnPeel sheet Photoetching Metal Using Photocopy Transfer.

by Karen Christians. Share This; There are other great options on the market such as PressnPeel Blue Transfer Film and DuPont ImagON. Easy. Troubleshooting the Photo Transfer. If the image smudges, then the iron is too hot. Try decreasing the temperature. Apr 12, 2012 PCB with Press& Peel I was making boards one day and decided to turn my camera on and whip up an impromptu video on it.

how to use press and peel blue paper PnP Blue Image Transfer (Press n Peel Blue) Make laser printer or photo copier masks, of any image, for anodizing and acid etching in minutes ( not inkjet or bubblejet). PnP Blue has a tough clear backing that is coated with a second blue layer of transfer media. Press n Peel is a brand of toner transfer system distributed by Tekniks. I am not sure if they developed the technology but it seems to be a mylar like film with a blue powdery emulsion coated onto it.

This coating is very weakly adhered to the plastic film. PressnPeel Blue Transfer Film HOW TO: Photocopy or Laser Print circuit image onto the dull side (emulsion) of PressnPeel Image Transfer Film. Prepare: Clothes Iron, Steel Wool# 00 (or SOS Brillo with all the soap washed out), Packaging Tape, Photocopy or Laser Printed Circuit Image, I suggest using a product called" PnPBlue" (PressnPeel Blue) Transfer Film which is an acetate sheet coated with a soft blue finish.

This product is used for printing copper circuit boards and is available from sources on the internet. PnP, or Press n Peel, is a type of transfer film that can be used to transfer your line drawings, clip art and photographs to metal for etching. This tutorial helps to demystify using PnP transfer film to transfer toner based images (ones from a copier or laser printer) onto your metal. 116 of 29 results for" pnp blue transfer paper" 41. 12 41 12 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders.

3. 7 out of 5 stars 16. Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper Blue 12 inches x 12 foot Roll. by Saral Paper Corp. 14. 50 14 50 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Amazon Photos Unlimited Photo Storage Free With Prime: Prime

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