Pinterest profile picture image size

When you signed up, Pinterest automatically copied the profile image you were using at the social network that you used during registration. If youd like, you can change that image at any time. Changing your Pinterest profile picture To change your profile picture, log in to Pinterest, mouse over your name in the topright corner [ Pinterest Profile Picture: How to Choose the Best Image, Size and Style 1 min read.

Size matters. Your Pinterest profile picture dimensions are pixels. Your image should be square and at least that size. If not, your profile picture may be distorted or We've found the Pinterest Cheat Sheet to image sizes.

You are welcome. Navigation. Author Media Profile images: 165 x 165 pixels. Pins in feed: 238 pixels x adjusted to height. but the most clicked on image size are the long, skinny pins. They are most often DIY instructions. Profile Picture Cheat Sheet See more. 2014 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet. Thats why weve made it easy for you with the 2016 social media image size guide. See more. What size should Pinterest images be? [Updated for 2018 The Best Pinterest Profile Picture Size Dec 8, 2012 by Michael If you have a lot of social media accounts like me, or are just a stickler for details (also like me) then you probably would like to upload the optimal image for your profiles.

In 2018, the ideal Pinterest profile photo size is 600 x 600 pixels. But Pinterest profile photos must be at least a minimum size of 180 x 180 pixels.

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