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Important APIs: InkCanvas, Save ink strokes to a file. Here, we demonstrate how to save ink strokes drawn on an InkCanvas control. Download this sample from Save and load ink strokes from an Ink The RenderTargetBitmap class worked with simple Canvas InkManager (in Windows 8. 1) to render ink strokes to an image. UWP introduced InkCanvas and a new Inking API.

However, it seems like the Now, If I want to construct the inkcanvas from the image, Can I do it? I tried saving the StrokesCollection to file using the Save method but cant find the method to read it Hello, I display an image in an InkCanvas to be able to draw over.

Then I record everything in a new image. If I specifies a new file name it works very well, the image file contains image designs InkCanvas. Sep 09, 2016 Hi Tom, Actually the picture has been narrowed when you use Canvas in this way, it's fast but the image is not in its original size. Another way is that first get the ink layer, zoom to size as original image. Then combine Ink layers and original image layer.

In this way you can keep the original size but it is really complex. Mar 11, 2010 This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more May 29, 2009 1) When I save the image to disk and I open it with Paint, the image is completely black! 2) I don't just have the Strokes itself who are converted to a bitmap; also the left and toppart of the canvas are part of the bitmap. Here is my wpf code And also there is a button When pressing the button, i want to save image drawn to a file.

here is my code I've never used InkCanvas control before. What I need is to load up a file into InkCanvas, draw some scribbles and get ther resulting image. And I want to make some additional operations with gotten image. As for saving. Correct me if I'm wrong. At the moment I'm using Ink Canvas because it's really useful control, but I couldn't find how to merge it with background image. Moreover, I don't want InkCanvas to be dropped anywhere in image, I want it to be exactly in that place where it was painted.

One of the nice things about WPF is that its controls can actually be rendered into an image with relative ease. I submit the following code snipit as my solution for rendering the contents of an InkCanvas to a bitmap image: For this I'm using the InkCanvas and I want to save it as an. jpg ord. png image. I got the code for saving the InkCanvas from here: Convert WPF InkCanvas to Bitmap But instead of converting it into a ByteArray, I'm trying to save it direktly using the SaveFileDialog.

An InkCanvas is an element that can be used to receive and display ink input. This is commonly done through the use of a stylus, which interacts with a digitizer to produce ink strokes using a stylus or a mouse.

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