Chrome addon image viewer

Discover great apps, games, extensions and themes for Google Chrome. More than the default image viewer A suite of modules that enhance your Reddit browsing experience Center Image is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that changes the design of the browser's image viewer to that of the Firefox web browser.

The default image viewer of Google Chrome displays images in the top left corner of the screen on a white background. Image Viewer is a Chrome extension that aims to enhance Chromes image viewing capabilities, adding support to zoom in and out, pan, and rotate an image.

It also gives Chrome a better interface when it comes to viewing images. Full Window Image Viewer extension for Chrome. After the installation, you can click on the extension's icon to turn on the Image Viewer. You can also right click on an image and select the Full Window Image Viewer item from the context menu. The Full Window Image Viewer is shown as: Review: Replace the viewer when an image is opened in new tab.

View images in web page by clicking Image Viewer icon or selecting from context menu. Is there a TIFF viewer extension for Chrome, I found AlternaTIFF, but cannot make it work in chrome. I am trying to view images on the USPTO. gov website. Tried suggestions here also, no luck Enhanced Image Viewer is a Chrome extension that gives you a feature rich image viewer in Chrome. You can set the default background color for an image, zoom inout, pan around, rotate the image, and more.

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