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NZQA website; Home Subjects Internal; 1. 7 Create a visual text. This achievement standard requires developing and structuring ideas in a visual text. Your teacher may ask you to present one of the following in class: static image such as a poster, advertisement, newspaper front page, or storyboard; The NZQA static images exemplars as a ppt. Includes: images, moderators' comments and student explanations of their image (2 exemplars for each grade boundary). Plain white A3 paper will be provided for you to make your static image.

If you require another colour or want to use card you will need to organize this yourself. Your static image will be based on a theme or idea from Catcher in the Rye. Official NZQA NZQA website; Home Subjects English English level 1 1.

7 Create a visual text Subject content Internal; 1. 7 Create a visual text Static image. To make a static image you need to be familiar with a range of different techniques and examples. See reading visual text for a list of visual and verbal techniques and exercises Link to NZQA for the Level 1 Static Image standard: The image of the train, with the cow catcher at the front (1), represents the trains that were used to remove people from their homes. It also symbolises the ruthless momentum and destructive power of Stalinist Russia.

Creating Your static Image Your static image is more than a picture with the right quote. Sure, your quote must reflect the action provided by the visual elements.

But most importantly it must reflect your chosen theme or idea. Visual and verbal features static image 1. Visual AND VerbalTechniques Created by MK 2. PURPOSE Message; subject; effect meant to have on people MEDIUM AUDIENCEHow message reaches audience; Who is it aimed at andwhere it is found, type of image?

1. 8 Static Image Exemplars from NZQA guestf8d8f515. The lovely

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